Meet The Team

Roshawn May

Stream Coordinator

Roshawn is the next generation of community leaders within the fighting game community with over 4 years of experience. From leading and producing local events to corporate funded events. Roshawn is experienced in a variety of roles making him an asset.

Vincent Hui


Vince has been a community leader and tournament
organizer for over a decade. From competitor, to
broadcast production, to lead director for major FGC events, Vince has experience in all the roles involved with a successful experience.

Drew Le Nguyen

Art Director

Drew has more than a decade of work experience in branding identity, art direction, and marketing. His work is featured on companies such as,  ESL One, Northern Arena, 180 Smoke, and Baron Magazine. His involvement in esports ranges from being a community personality, to on-air talent. His creative approach has brought an unique art direction to all of his client’s projects.